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Our Satisfied Clients
Thanks for the new device; I appreciate you upgrading me to the newer pendant that you are now offering. All the lights perform as they should and there is a clear, friendly voice at the other end when I test it. I will follow the directions for placing the pendant on the charging cradle.
Evelyn W​.
I have had the misfortune of falling twice, but thankfully there was some there to help me... I thought about what would have happened if I was alone? I checked around after hearing about these pendents, I chose the one from Emergency Life Line West because it fit my lifestyle the best and it came highly recommended. I wear it all the time now and know when I need help,
I have it at my fingertips
Bob G.
Las Vegas
I wanted to say thank you for providing such a good product and service. As I have recently started living alone, I felt concerned because I no longer had the security of someone else being around should anything happen to me. Once I got your product, I became at ease in my new situation. Just knowing that I had an easy way to get help if needed gave me the reassurance I was looking for. Even though I am in good health, my worry was that if I had a health issue or even a fall it would be an issue since I was alone (as I have had a few health issues over time). It really made it a non-issue for me. Just to provide you some feedback; the people who answer the call when I have tested my unit after charging are great. They know exactly who I am and what I might need –they do a really nice job.Please feel free to share this with other people who might want to know what an actual user had to say.​
Rich K.
It was a pleasure meeting with you and Adina. I now feel more confident being alone. You may recall, I was wearing the “Connect America” pendant, when I fell in my bathroom and couldn’t get up and needed assistance, my former monitoring system failed me, they couldn’t hear me nor could I hear/speak with them. We demonstrated your product together as I walked all around my house and outside testing it out and was very pleased with it. I also like the fact that the device will let you know if the battery is running low, with the other unit I never knew if the battery was ok unless I called the monitoring station.
Glenda R.
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