Some of your most frequently asked
questions about our products are answered here.

When you press and hold the call button, you are connected with a trained call center specialist. You can speak with and listen to the specialist through the powerful built-in microphone and speaker. The specialist will assess the situation and will send EMS, loved ones or neighbors to help you, depending on what is needed.

Your MXD unit will not affect your telephone except when the unit has been activated by an alarm signal. The MXD will disconnect any call in progress and take control of the phone line when it is processing an emergency alarm, but will release the phone line for regular calls after your MXD is disconnected from the response center
The MXD-LTE is only designed to operate with the AT&T and Verizon Cellular Networks. It is not designed to work with any other cell network or with any land-line telephone service. Please contact your provider if your MXD-LTE does not find a cell signal or reports that the signal is weak.