Some of your most frequently asked questions about the MXD are answered here.

The MXD-LTE allows you to call for help, even if you are alone and cannot reach or use the telephone. Simply press your PHB and your MXD-LTE unit will call the response center where your unit will be identified and connected to a trained attendant. Even if you cannot communicate with your response center, attendants are trained to treat every received alarm as a call for help until they are sure you are okay. Simply press your Personal Help Button (PHB) to activate your MXD-LTE unit at any time. You can also press the large HELP button on top of the base unit.
The MXD-LTE is only designed to operate with the AT&T and Verizon Cellular Networks. It is not designed to work with any other cell network or with any land-line telephone service. Please contact your provider if your MXD-LTE does not find a cell signal or reports that the signal is weak.
Your MXD-LTE unit uses its own dedicated telephone number and will not interfere with any aspect of your own personal cell phone. You cannot plug any telephone handset or other cellphones into your MXD-LTE.

An attendant will attempt to contact you over the MXD-LTE. If you do not respond the attendant will then follow your response center’s procedures, such as calling your home telephone, your cell phone, listed responders in the order you have provided, or call your local emergency services.

Your MXD-LTE is a wireless device that can be easily moved and used in any location in which AT&T cell service is available. However, it does NOT have GPS capabilities and CANNOT determine a user’s location via signal transmission. Your Response Center’s personnel rely on the accuracy of the information you provide to them and will direct Emergency Responders to the address they have on file. Therefore, you must notify your service provider promptly whenever you relocate your MXD-LTE unit. Before choosing the MXD-LTE for your medical alarm needs, it is extremely important that you initiate tests of the MXD-LTE with the base unit in the locations where you plan to use it, in order to determine that solid, repeatable cell service is present at all times.

Yes! Your SOS Button is waterproof and we encourage you to wear it in the bathtub or shower because many accidents and medical problems occur in these places.

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