Some of your most frequently asked questions
about the MXD are answered here.

The MXD allows you to call for help, even if you are alone and cannot reach or use the telephone. Simply press the SOS Button and your MXD unit will call the response center where your unit will be identified and connected to a trained attendant. Even if you cannot communicate with your response center, attendants are trained to treat every received alarm as a call for help until they are sure that you are okay. Simply press your SOS Button to activate your MXD unit at any time

Yes. Your SOS Button is waterproof, and should be worn in the bathtub or shower – both areas where individuals have a high number of slips and falls

Your MXD unit will not affect your telephone except when the unit has been activated by an alarm signal. The MXD will disconnect any call in progress and take control of the phone line when it is processing an emergency alarm, but will release the phone line for regular calls after your MXD is disconnected from the response center

Your MXD unit will only work in and around the place where the base unit is installed. The base unit can receive signals from the SOS Button from a distance of up to 600 feet

Most response centers provide 24-hour monitoring service. Contact your service provider if you have any questions.

Your MXD unit is designed for flexible use. It may be taken with you on extended visits or to a new residence. Please contact your service provider prior to moving or reinstalling your MXD unit

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