Medicaid Waiver Program Approved: Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Montana

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Emergency LifeLine West We are a medical alert dealer that prides itself on integrity and customer service. We offer State-of-the-Art medical alert systems and Fall Detection devices to keep seniors safe and independent. Two-way voice communication systems are most effective when help is needed in an emergency or non-emergency situations. These systems are ideal for a variety of lifestyles and life situations.
Belle LTE Personal Safety Device
​Belle® 4G LTE is a small, lightweight, and comfortable-to-wear mobile personal emergency response system that enables users to break free from landline-based systems that only work in and around the home

100% Waterproof Pendant or Bracelet, can be used in the bathtub or the shower, where many senior-related falls happen in the home.


OnTheGo Lite 4G LTE provides quick single button access to the emergency call center utilizing the latest call technology as well as state of the art assisted GPS and Wi-Fi location services.

Smartwatch (1)

Go anywhere safely. The Smartwatch is custom built for seniors who need a medical alert system to fit into their active lifestyles.

Circular Light

The light around the button lets you know when a call is in progress and when the pendant needs to be charged.


With this powerful speaker, it’s easy to hear the specialist answer your call.

SOS Button

Just press one button to speak with a specialist and get help. It’s that simple.


A powerful microphone allows you to speak with a kind, courteous specialist. They can send emergency help or contact a loved one to assist.

Long Battery Life

The backup battery provides constant power to the unit for up to 80 hours if lost.

100% Waterproof Pendant or Bracelet

Can be used in the bathtub or the shower, where many senior-related falls happen in the home.


The microphone sensitive enough to hear voice communication around corners and in other rooms of the home.

Custom Pendant Button Technology

Pendant is capable of sending unique alarm codes button pushes, inactivity, supervisory alarms, and low battery alarms